Change is Hard

It is late February and if you are like most of people, you waved bye-bye to your new year’s resolutions over the past few weeks.

Effective Employee Management

Effective employee management is essential to achieving your business goals.

Ask the Coach: Missing Sales Targets

When your only tool is a hammer, every problem becomes a nail.

Train and Incent for Maximum Performance

People are the primary asset of your business.

Ask the Coach: Fixing Performance Problems

At TranStrategy Partners, we recommend using a 4 step approach to helping your employees meet your performance standards.

Don’t Lose Like ‘Bama: One Big Lesson from The Crimson Tide’s Loss to Clemson

In the transportation and logistics business, you must also win or be very competitive in all three phases of the business: 1.) Sales and marketing, 2.) Operations and 3.) Finance.

Win Like ‘Bama: 7 Things Your Company Can Learn from Coach Saban’s Football Juggernaut

“We don’t talk about winning championships, we talk about being champions.” – Nick Saban, Alabama Football Coach

Ask the Coach: Training for Freight Brokerage and 3PL Employees

How do I find transportation specific training that will help my team be more successful?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Ask the Coach: Revenue is Vanity – Margin is Sanity

Revenue is Vanity – Margin is Sanity

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