Watch Two Key Metrics--Improve Profit

There are some pretty important metrics for every transportation business leader to monitor as they look to build bottom line growth.

Sleep better with Risk Management--not Risk Elimination

It's probably not going to make sleeping through the night easier, but a good risk awareness program will make your company a safer place in all kinds of ways.

Your People Are Key to Marketing Your Business Effectively

Your people are key to marketing your business effectively. Therefore, you need to be sure that you have the right people that get the training they need and are evaluated on a regular basis.


Try to say "yes" instead of no to an employee request.

Evaluating Your Decisions

As a business leader you solve problems every day. Some involve big decisions, most are smaller. In uncertain times, how do your evaluate the decisions you're making?

Stories Build Collaboration

Stories tie us to the origins of our business, explain our current state, and help us reach our desired state. You can use those stories to help build a collaborative culture today.

The Six Mistakes of Man

The wisdom of the ages is the wisdom of the ages because it's true. A couple thousand years ago Marcus Tullius Cicero wrote these lines. Are you making these mistakes?

Who asks questions in your organization?

The stereotypical pre-schooler is notorious for asking "Why?" No matter what you do, any request or statement is met with, "Why?"

Building a foundation for success

When we start a business, there's little time for building a solid foundation. We build the business where we need it to be to meet the expectations of our customers and the needs of the business.

Help your employees collaborate in your success

Do you ever feel like your employees don't understand or commit to the vision and mission you have for your company?

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