Does your business have the capacity for sustained, double digit growth?

Watch Two Key Metrics--Improve Profit

There are some pretty important metrics for every transportation business leader to monitor as they look to build bottom line growth.

Manage--don't just CUT your costs

Cost cutting may be necessary, but it is most often a solution leading to a downward spiral in morale, revenue, margins, and then profits. Cost Management is much more effective.

Manage your Carriers for Improved Margins

Carrier management in your brokerage business can have a profound effect on gross margins.

Focus on Improving Margins

Improving your margins will automatically improve your net income--all other things being equal.

Instill a culture of Growth

In working with more than 100 transportation companies over the past several years we find that 15% to 20% year-to-year growth is healthy and builds real business value.

Increase margin percentage to boost profit and value

In terms of the fair market value of the company, moving gross margins from 15% to 17.5% will increase the value of a brokerage organization significantly.

Planning for Success(ion)

If you are irreplaceable, indispensable, and immortal, don’t read this post. For the rest of you, succession planning must be done, sooner rather than later.

Delight and Reward your loyal customers

Make sure existing customers know that you appreciate them, and attract new customers with ease.

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