Are You Experienced - Jimi Hendrix Capability and Capacity GWC - Part 3

This is the final of three part series outlining the GWC perspective of assessing and ensuring the right people in the right seats for your business.  

Capability is the foundational aspect of an employee’s performance aptitude. Capability is made up of a few different factors: cognitive ability, physical ability and training. Both cognitive and physical ability would be addressed at the time of hire and are not necessarily areas where a business can affect after hiring. However, the training portion of the capability is where a business can and should invest necessary resources to build a workforce that can meet operational need and complexity.  

By developing a training plan that includes consistent initial and continuous learning opportunities, the organization can build the capacity of its employees for growth and acceleration. In the brokerage industry, too often training is a singular function at the beginning of an employee’s experience and is often viewed as disruptive. It is rarely given the proper attention. The employees are the ‘machines’ of your brokerage factory and need to be in proper working order and alignment. Regular maintenance, through reviews and continuous learning, can improve performance and identify issues before they escalate.  

The people who inhabit your business keep the organization moving forward. They need to understand your business objectives and their roles/responsibilities (Get It). They need to have the desire, drive and belief in the success and vision of the company (Want It). They need to have the capability to reach and exceed the expectations set forth by the organization (Capacity). Treat them well, treat them fairly, communicate clearly and honestly about your expectations and you will have an organization that performs successfully.  

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