Building a foundation for success

They're starting to build four new houses across the street from us--yes, new houses in the Las Vegas market.

Over the last two weeks they've been  working on the foundations. Excavating, leveling, framing, leveling again. With square corners and the proper elevation and slope the hard work that's been done will be a solid concrete foundation for another house to be built. The house will be built on the four corners of the foundation, according to the plans, and will look exactly as it is expected to look. With the foundation solid, the house won't crack.

When we start to build a business, there's little time for building a solid foundation. We jump right in to find and service new customers and vendors. We build the business, not on the four corners of a solid foundation, but where we need it to be to meet the expectations of our customers and the needs of the business.

If we think about the foundation of our business at all, it's only as a vague, it'll be nice to do someday kind of thing. But if you don't pay attention to the foundation, the part of the business no one sees, some day in the future you'll start to see some cracks. Customers stop coming back. Employees leave for greener pastures. Cash flow starts to slow down. You get bogged down in the crises of the day. You start to compromise your values.

Building the foundation of your business is an ongoing process. Every so often, at least once a year, you should take some time to tend to the foundation of your business. Get a clear picture of everything in your company.

How does your performance compare with previous years and industry standards? What is the culture in your workplace? How are you perceived by customers, and prospects? How will the business look in the future?

Answering these questions, in a collaborative effort with all the stakeholders in your success, will help you build a solid foundation for your business to expand and grow--the way you want it to grow.

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