Every company, whether it has one employee or thousands, has a set of core values. The values at your company must be purposely created by you, the leader. Values are the "gatekeeper" to your company. It determines who you hire, promote, and do business with. If necessary it determines who you fire. If you do not deliberately identify your values and put them front and center in your company culture who will. If you allow the culture to create itself, you do not know what you will get.

At Transtrategy Partners we classify culture into three primary definitions Collaborator, Spectator, and Competitor.

Collaborators are those employees that are fully engaged and focused on the mission of the organization; they can be counted upon to do their part in completing the mission.

A Spectator is a worker that has not really engaged in the company mission nor adopted the company values. They do not compete with the culture they are just not yet engaged in furthering the organization and are seen to be “on the sidelines” in the business

A Competitor is a worker that has not internalized the company values and tends to work against the company mission in favor of their own agenda. This type of worker is “competing” with the organization’s culture.

At Transtrategy Partners, when we work with our customers, we put them through a rigors process to help them identify what are the current company values they have right now between those segments; and the steps necessary to move them in the direction they want to developing the values they want within the organization.

Contact us today to see if there is anything we can do to help you and your organization to develop the core values you truly want.

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