Does your organization offer Fauxgistics?

Fauxgistics /Fœ – djistiks/ noun
False Logistics - the misperception of your company’s ability to handle the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies. i.e. the transportation of goods to a customer

Many organizations offer fauxgistics services to their customers when they are, in fact, only providing transactional brokerage services. Within the transportation intermediary industry, there are an abundance of service offerings available to shippers and customers in need of transportation assistance. From full truckload transaction to complex full service solutions that manage goods, data and resources to maximize efficiency and reduce overall per unit costs.

It is imperative for an intermediary to understand the market and their place within it to properly serve their customers and their own organizational goals. This knowledge and understanding allows you the opportunity to make informed decisions about how to compete and where, if necessary, to pivot the organization.


Building a world class operation requires the right people, the right vision and the right structure. Change requires effort and, at times, a level of discomfort as your organization grows. Temporary pain for long term organizational health is a step along the path. Be willing to take the necessary steps to create the healthy company.

Recruit and Hire people that fit the culture of growth.

Create the vision that can be clearly communicated, understood and, more importantly, believed in by all within the organization.

Organize your operation to effectively attract, service and grow your customer base and revenue.


Spend time understanding the conditions that affect the market at macro and more local levels.

Ask questions of experts within the industry to capture market trends and insight.

Explore new service options to make your organization more valuable to current clients and prospective clients. Learn from your customers what matters to them – beyond just the transportation component – as long term solutions can be found upstream and downstream their supply chain.

Utilize your front line employees to gather information and share the knowledge that they gather to provide a deeper context to daily and weekly communications.

Assess your business from a financial, cultural and service perspective to gauge where you are today in relation to where you want the company to be. In the future.


Make sure that your people have the tools and skills necessary to manage the transportation needs of today and be prepared for the needs and changes of the future.

Provide a consistent and measurable approach to new hire foundational learning and a framework for continuing education for your more seasoned employees.

Invest in your people to show them how important they are to your organization and its success. Keep your people engaged in a business that values their development. Improvements in effectiveness (like lead acquisition and negotiation) improve profitability and boost the bottom line.  

Shippers are starved for great solutions and great partners to help them grow and build their success.

Contact TranStrategy Partners to learn more about how we empower organizations to achieve the success that they envision and accelerate the growth of their business. Let us help return you to the TRUTH in your logistics operations.            

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