Help Me Understand - Hank Williams GWC Part 1

During a conversation with a 2nd generation owner of a transportation firm located outside of Baltimore, a point was brought up about stagnant growth. Business had been decent, but there was no real customer acquisition beyond transactional load volume. A deeper dive showed a stagnant culture as well. Folks who had been with the company for many years and had been strong performers in the past were no longer as productive or as effective. These employees had become complacent in their jobs.  

What are the factors that drive employee collaboration and output?  

They Get it!     They have a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities, how success is measured and the structure of accountability.

They Want it! They have the drive and desire. There is full alignment between employee goals, team goals and company goals.

They are Capable of it! They have the skills and capacity to successfully complete the responsibilities that are required of them.  

Clarity of expectation from the leaders of any organization is a key component in providing the necessary understanding for employees to know how and why they are performing the work each day. By defining what success looks like and how it is achieved, leaders can share their vision of the company and generate the required belief in the outcome of that achievement. Knowledge of the accountability structure for all areas of the business provides employees a deeper clarity of everyone’s roles and responsibilities and work can be delegated properly within the organization to create a more efficient work environment.  

When employees know how they are measured (from both a performance and compensation perspective), they can have a greater authority in their decision making and need less direction each day to achieve their goals.  

It is the leader’s responsibility to set the tone and to properly communicate the vision, the expectation and the metrics for the organization. Many organizations understand the importance of the cultural aspect of their company, but struggle to properly implement and execute in alignment with the organizational values. TranStrategy works directly with the leadership of an organization to develop the execution and delivery strategy for consistent communication of the defined expectations.  

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This is the first of a three part series discussing the GWC perspective of assessing and ensuring the right people in the right seats of your business. The next part is “I Want You to Want Me”.

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