I Want You to Want Me - Cheap Trick, GWC - Part 2

Do your employees truly WANT the job or position they have?  

Do they wake up excited about the work that they will perform each day and how it will impact the organizational success or have you communicated how it will?  

While they may fully understand their expectations and have the capacity to perform the work at an excellence level, they may be limited by their desire and buy-in to the position itself. You can’t pay, force, incentivize or hope that an employee wants the position that they have, this must come from a place within themselves. The leadership and culture are the incubators of fostering that excitement and desire to be better - to be great.  

The employee may be a great fit for the company and an inspiration to others, but they, themselves, do not feel inspired to do great work. It may be time to find the better position within the company to drive that desire and accelerate the employee’s effectiveness for the company.  

Regular assessments of your people can provide a powerful tool in maintaining the velocity of your business. By understanding employee alignment to business objectives and their own specific job function expectations, company leaders can take measure of their own cultural and communication efforts and see how effective those efforts truly are. As the primary stress of culture and employee dissatisfaction is found in communication gaps, knowledge of deficiencies is an important part of the improvement process. 

At TranStrategy Partners, we offer a variety of assessments to identify the current state of your business, from workforce culture appraisals to leadership personality assessments to complete business valuations. By establishing this baseline of your operation, we can help determine the right steps and efforts needed to accelerate your company’s performance to fulfill the vision of your success.     

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