Who asks questions in your organization?

It can be annoying when those who should be our loyal and obedient followers--the old fashioned view of employees--meet every new initiative, statement, or suggestion with the question, "Why?" But if no one is asking, there may be less annoyance but you're going to be in big trouble soon.

The skipper of the Titanic was an experienced man of the sea. He knew the threat of icebergs, was advised of the presence of icebergs, and yet confident in his own leadership, experience, and the superior construction of his vessel, questioning his decisions about direction and speed was difficult, and maybe impossible for his crew. And the result was...
As the skipper of your business, is your self confidence, experience, and belief in the solid nature of your company making it impossible for your staff to ask questions? Is there someone, or a group of someones, in your organization that will constantly ask, "Why?" 
Why is our revenue growth below average? Why are we going after that market? Why are we losing customers? Why are we doing it this way? 
Being at the helm of a growing business may not be analogous to piloting the Titanic, but avoiding fatal mistakes is still critical. And the warnings of potential dangers, often posing as annoying questions from staff, are plain for those willing to see them.
TranStrategy coaches are trained and conditioned to ask some potentially annoying questions. Not to piss you off, just to help you consider the ramifications of your decisions, tactics, and strategies. The business world is full of potentially damaging icebergs and we stand ready to help you navigate a safer course.

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