Your People Are Key to Marketing Your Business Effectively

Your people are key to marketing your business effectively. Therefore, you need to be sure that you have the right people that get the training they need and are evaluated on a regular basis.


First, you need to have the right people in the jobs you need done. The right people have the capability to do the work they are responsible for. Capability is what they bring to the table; it's not something you can help them develop. They either have it or they don't, although they may need training and education to fully develop their capability. It's like being a quarterback. A coach cannot turn into a quarterback someone who does not have a basic ability to play that position. Therefore, as an employer, you must identify the skills and knowledge required for each position in your organization so that you can determine if the people you have in particular positions should be there or not.


Be sure to get these employees the training they need. It is your responsibility to identify their training needs. I guarantee you that no one in your organization is going raise his or her hand and tell you, "I need more training." Do you have a training program and if you do, what is it? Is it adequate? What can you do to make it better?


You need to have a performance evaluation system in place. Part of this system is setting clear expectations for them. Otherwise, they will do their jobs based on what they assume you expect of them and seven times out of ten, their assumptions will be wrong.


Whenever possible make your expectations measurable. For example, tell your sales people, "I want you to call 27 people today," or "I expect you to deliver three new accounts within the next six weeks." Sometimes you may have to be even more specific about your expectations. For example, "To get three new accounts within the next six weeks, you need to get 30 prospects in your pipeline and start having conversations with them because we know that only about 10% of those prospects are going to become accounts. And, to get 30 in your pipeline, you must have a list of 100 shippers because we know that of the people on your list you are only going to be able to have a conversation with about 30% of them."


Your employees must know how to set goals and have a means for tracking where they are in terms of achieving those goals they have set for themselves - a scoreboard of sorts. It's easy for employees to become disheartened when they don't have that information. Think about it, can you imagine being part of a basketball game where no one is keeping score? It might be fun for a while but pretty soon you'd be wondering why you were playing the game.


When your employees "know the score," they can set additional goals for themselves and develop strategies to help them move from behind, maintain their lead, and so on.

Joel McGinley

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