The Xcelerator Program

Program Objective: To be the catalyst for accelerated growth in entrepreneurial businesses in the Transportation Industry. Providing growth programs for:
  • Revenue and Profit Acceleration
  • Culture Development
  • Leadership Training
  • Skill Training

innovative process: The xcelerator program is a year long program that utilizes a unique process that maximizes business results with minimum disruption to day to day operations. Program highlights include:
  • A comprehensive business assessment followed by a 3 phase business transformation program
  • ongoing assessments and progress tracking
  • Online Training
  • On-Demand Coaching
  • Group Roundtables
  • Measurerable Results

360 Degree Business Assessment

Current State Analysis

Objective: Conduct a 360 Degree Business Assessment that includes the following:
  • Review Financial Information and do Comparative Analysis
  • Complete Cultural Stress Assessment through Employee Surveys
  • Do Market Position Analysis with Feedback from Customers
  • Utilize Personality type assessments to determine the Strengths and weaknesses of the Leadership Team

1. Strategy and Leadership

determine the desired future state and a plan for achieving it

Objective: To research and understand clearly the current state of the business and to form a clear and realistic desired state in order to:
  • Create a destination that the business and employee base can believe in
  • Understand the current state in terms of financial performance, cultural health, market position and leadership quality of the business
  • Create a planning framework for the business that can be sustainable, effective and simple to manage
  • Take a holistic approach to establishing the; Purpose, Mission, Objectives and Goals for the organization
  • Train and develop leadership with On-Demand Training Modules

2. Culture Development

Creating a Winning Culture

Objective: To ensure ownership and buy in and maximizing belief in the organization’s strategic plan by helping the leadership create the right Culture.
  • Develop the appropriate organizational accountability program
  • Develop expectations for each team member.
  • Assess capabilities of each team member
  • Create metrics and key performance indicators
  • Assess and implement training needs
  • Coach for high performance and proper performance management
  • Train and develop staff with On-Demand Training Modules

3. Performance Management

maintaining gains and driving continuous improvement

Objective: To lock the organization in to a pattern of consistent high performance.
  • Create a quality recognition program
  • Establish a continuous process improvement plan
  • Ensure execution of the marketing plan
  • Enhance sales execution
  • Create organizational dashboard
  • Deploy confidential caller program to assess customer service quality
  • Train and develop Leadership with On-Demand Training Modules

About Transtrategy partners

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TranStrategy Partners (TSP) is the recognized leader in freight brokerage coaching. Since 2004, TSP has worked with hundreds of freight brokerage owners and top executives.
Our expert consultants collaborate and guide you and your organization through a holistic coaching approach that delivers accelerated growth, higher profits and a re-energized staff.
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