Skilled in the art of creating collaborative environments aided by teamwork tools and also possessing a skill­set that fosters and encourages individual development at the same time, Mike has lead financial service organizations that experienced over 400% of growth rates.

The combination of technical knowledge and organization development abilities is hard to find in the financial services sector and that is precisely what Mike brings to the table for his client base. Growing banking and investment organizations in such areas as 1031 exchanges and tenant in common deal structures is a part of Mike's technical expertise.

Having created a plan to facilitate acquisition of new clients while retaining the existing ones at US Bank Investments in 2002, Mike went on to achieve the coveted position of the region's top producing sales representative. During the five years following 2002, Mike coached some 27 bank investment representatives, working with Fintegra Financial / Sterling Savings Bank.  Mike developed the department’s vision, mission, core values, and key performance indicators. He trained investment representatives to:

  • identifying niche markets

  • initiate contact with prospects to establish interest

  • determine business requirements and sales opportunities through outbound calling, networking, and current client development

  • create plans for customized solutions

  • develop personal brand, mission statement and business plan

The massive success of the results caused a revenue increase from $759,999 to $1.2 million, with $11.3 million+ in new revenue and new account assets gathered to the turn of $491.2 million. Not to mention increase in employee motivation.

Team development knowledge base and individual potential fostering strategies are two divers’ qualities that Mike possesses as a trained implementer of the Entrepreneur Operating System and Coach Master Toolkit. With such a strong background, deep industry knowledge and vast experience, Mike currently works with business owners and CEOs as an executive coach, helping them solve various  business leadership problems like defining their organization's vision, mission and company values, and identifying key issues holding the company back from growth. In absence of these components, it is practically impossible to formulate a clear company strategy and viable/practicable marketing and sales plans. Even employee motivation �" a key driver of business growth �"cannot be achieved in absence of the above mentioned management components.

Mike focuses on working with organizations in logistics, banking and credit unions. As an executive coach, he deploys an orderly process that propels the client organizations from their current state to their desired state.

Mike's Testimonials

“Mike has become not only a great friend, but also a key contributor to the success of my company - CFS consulting group. Mike has been able to introduce our company to key sales methods, which has allowed us to grow our business and gain more traction in achieving critical business objectives. Mike has a natural ability to view a sales process from all angles and is able to quickly identify gaps and apply efficient methods to ensure client meetings turn into successful long-term engagements. We liked the fact that Mike uses methods, which are very similar to our lean tools, to identify gaps, and allowed our team to quickly integrate Mike’s methods… I would highly recommend Mike, his passion is undeniable and his techniques unequivocally create positive results.” Richard Coley, President, CFS Consulting

“Mike has a wonderful "Can Do" attitude. He does not let the negative stop him achieving his goal. It is part of his DNA to be an optimist and he knows it is easier to be a pessimist than an optimist. Mike knows the only “No” that matters is the one he accepts, so this makes him very persistent in keeping a project moving forward.” Tucker Murher, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Fintegra Financial Solutions

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