360 Degree Business Assessment

The 360 Degree Business Assessment provides you an objective view of your company. This period of discovery will take about two to four weeks. The areas assessed are:

  • Financial strength and growth.
  • Market position and strength.
  • Employee satisfaction, perceptions and workplace culture.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Leadership strengths.
  • Overall enterprise value.

On completion of this perceptive discovery process, TranStrategy Partners provides you an extensive 
360 Degree Business Assessment Report that:

  • Compares your revenue growth and profitability to like-sized businesses.
  • Evaluates the quality of your employee and customer relationships.
  • Assesses your position in the marketplace, comparing what you think it is to what your customers believe it to be.
  • Looks at the strength of the brand you have built.
  • Determines your personal strengths as a leader and manager.
  • Evaluates all this information to determine the current value of your business.

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