Cultural Stress Assessment

Within an organization there are three primary cultural work styles" collaborators, competitors and spectators. The Cultural Stress Assessment identifies what percentage of each of these are present in your business.

  • Collaborators are fully engaged and focused on the mission of the organization.
  • Competitors tend to work against the company mission in favor of their own agenda.
  • Spectators are not really engaged in the company mission and are seen to be on the “sidelines” in the business.

If your employees are not working well together and not in alignment with your culture, your company can experience inhibited growth. Our Cultural Stress Assessment can quickly and easily expose issues, and identify where there may be stress that is stopping growth of your business.

The results of this assessment will provide you with the focus and direction you need to make your culture a competitive advantage. This will lead to improvements in productivity, attitudes and the overall work environment.

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