Executive Coaching Program

With the 360 Degree Business Assessment completed, we begin clarifying strategies, business practices, management style, sales techniques, and more, by engaging in twice monthly one-on-one coaching with executives. This is the discovery stage of our coaching method.

This coaching has many benefits including focused direction, faster growth, increased profitability and better decision-making. Clients indicate coaching delivers a 10-100 times return on the time and money invested.

The 360 Degree Business Assessment, combined with the coaching program, becomes a year long Executive Coaching Program which gives you access to industry expertise that improves the overall value of your business and provides you an external, non-biased viewpoint. Your coach's neutral viewpoint, coupled with proven experience, brings benefit to the confidential discussions on strategies and issues affecting your business. It is instrumental to the success of the program. This allows you as a business entrepreneur to not just survive, but thrive by providing leadership development, increased management performance, and focused strategic planning.

The rising popularity of coaching and the many benefits gained by the organization and its people, are reported industry wide. See what our clients are saying about our Executive Coaching Program. 

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